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What Is The Reason Why The Newly Installed Range Hood Does Not Smoke?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

1. vent valve unopened

This is the most common failure of installation. Because the oil fume outlet valve is to prevent the sloshing off in the transportation process, so it is fixed with tape. But a lot of people who do not understand that they do not tear up the tape and directly connect the cigarette machine to the pipe. In the end, the smoke machine can not be opened when the vent is used, which can not exhaust the wind and can not smoke.

2. installation height of the machine

The oil absorption machine is to use the motor to drive the rotating wind wheel at high speed to quickly emptying the air around the air, forming the negative pressure area of the aerodynamics to achieve the effect of smoking. The negative pressure zone of lampblack machine is the best smoking area, if the hood installation height is too high, the fumes generated in the negative pressure region outside the region, it will cause smoke spread first, negative pressure area is only part of the smoke into the hood and sucked, greatly influence the effect of smoke lampblack machine.3. the pipe is too long or too curved.

In theory, the correct way to install the pipe is only a bending of more than 90 degrees, and the total length of the pipe should not exceed 2 meters. But in the actual installation process, many users have 3 meters far smoke pipe, 3-4 bending There are plenty of people who are. This kind of installation greatly affects the speed of smoke exhausting of the cigarette machine, and will cause the motor of a cigarette machine to be in overloading state for a long time and reduce the service life. In this way, the effect of smoking is also greatly reduced.

Therefore, if the user's own installation of a smoke machine does not smoke. The wholesale agent of our oil fume machine should be checked and settled according to the following steps.

1. the height of the measurement and installation is not more than 45CM. The height of the high stove of the common fume machine is 30-40cm.

2. observe whether the length and bending of the exhaust pipe do not conform to the standard.

3. disassemble the pipe and cigarette machine connection, observe the operation of the cigarette machine is not exhaust, or say that the exhaust air is blocked by the check valve or the outside pipe.

4. check the problem of wind wheel and motor.