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Tips For Buying Gas Stoves Online
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Now on the Internet the same brand of the same type gas stove, often operating businesses have several choices, which is good, but also to consider, is often when you receive the goods, it felt real publicity is too good, not good, but also found that the configuration of the attachment was not so much. Give your reason is because of different types and different, anyway, take off is a set of a set, Leng let consumers feel wrong

Then how to choose a gas stove?

1, make clear the home and producing area of gas stove, choose good business, have the same type of product, the seller has several, to carry on the horizontal comparison. For example, more than the popularity, the volume of turnover, the ratio of high and low, the price is reasonable, and so on. In particular, we need to see what the shortcoming of the difference is. Generally speaking, the object you buy is different from what it displays. For example, what kind of accessories do I have in the cooking utensils and promotional materials, but you can't find it after receiving the goods, and then read the instructions that some brands are not configured.

2, understand the return of goods and after-sales service. If the product is defective, how to return or replace it. The warranty period of after sale and the maintenance department and its contact phone. The general online shopping business will list what kind of situation can be returned and who will take the corresponding freight and so on, and will tell you the return process. If the product is defective or damaged, take a documentary evidence in order to negotiate with the online shopping customer service. The gas source should be noted. If it is embedded and has already been excavated, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the hollowed out.

3, decide whether to buy extension service. First of all, we should find out what is the extension of the insurance. When I bought a gas stove, I didn't pay attention to the person who was responsible for the extension of the gas stove. I think the extension and the family are the same family. Later, I knew that I had made a mistake. The producer promised free warranty for three years for the gas stove, and it was appointed by it for three years. And the extension of the insurance is provided by the sales business, for example, I am the Gome online purchase, it is to be maintained during the maintenance period by Gome.

4, when receiving the express delivery, check the goods carefully. To clear the type of goods, order number. There will be a list of appendages in the instructions according to the number of annexes on the list. Check to see whether the outer packing is complete, the appearance of the goods is complete, and whether the kitchen appliances and their accessories have problems. If there is a problem, take the goods in time, reject the goods, reflect the situation to the customer service, and deal with the opinions and methods of dealing with them.

5, send a formal invoice. The invoice is an important credential and the basis for the calculation of the warranty period of the product. It is required to be collected and kept properly by the merchants. The invoice is electronic invoice now. It will be blurred for a long time. It is best to take photos and save it, so that it can confirm each other. If there is a purchase extension service, there is a Zhang Yan premium invoice. Pay attention to the check. In the use of the process to ensure that the gas burner bar code, do not damage, it is best to take photos to save.

6, make an appointment to install free of charge. Although you may think you can install it yourself, it seems to be a very easy thing. But vendors offer free door-to-door installation services. I think they should be professionally installed. First, they will be installed safely and reliably. Secondly, if the product is defective, the master can be used as a witness. Some local non professionals who need to pay attention to the installation are not very clear. If they have problems with their installation, they should be responsible for their own responsibility.

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