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Teach You Three Minutes To Clean The Range Hood
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Smoke lampblack machine is one of the essential modern family kitchen household appliances in daily life, we need the lampblack machine to clean up, because the right regular cleaning lampblack machine is the precondition to guarantee the normal work of the lampblack machine.

Residents can take advantage of the exhaust hood and the remaining heat, wipe the surface with a cloth cloth, so that they can easily wipe off the oil stains on the range hood and keep clean and greasy. The storage box or disposable method. Put a layer of fresh-keeping film in the box, part of the fresh-keeping film must be over the oil storage box, completely cover the inside surface of the original box, and let the oil smoke adsorb on the fresh-keeping film, and then replace it every other time. Or use a finished plastic pudding cup or paper cup instead of the original oil storage box can, as long as regular replacement can save the trouble of cleaning and not easy to clean.

You can also use soap liquid to clean it. The soap can be made to paste, and it can be smeared on the surface of the impeller, shell, net cover and wind wheel of the oil fume machine. After a period of time, dismantling the impeller and other devices, using a cloth to wipe, it is easy to clean out the oil.

There are many methods for cleaning lampblack machine, but in the cleaning time to pay attention, hood cleaning, must first disconnect the power supply; the surface of the hood cleaning appliances disable sharp, hard objects and steel balls and other damage, disable the strong corrosive acid and alkali detergent; lampblack machine cleaning machine in complex removing and installing lampblack machine is mainly prone to problems, therefore need professional operation. And the year before the cleaning, I can focus on cleaning the surface of the oil fume machine, oil box, oil net and so on.