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Stainless Steel Sink Surface Treatment
- Dec 22, 2017 -

There are several different surface treatments for the sink. Let's talk about our views. In general, there are 5 kinds of surface treatment methods in the stainless steel trough:

1. pearl noodles

Some people also called pearl silver surface, matt surface, Pearl Satin etc.. It is made of chemical electrolytes for surface treatment (white is the same as electroplating). In all production, the process is the simplest, the technology is small, and the cost of production is low. The price of the manufactured products is also low. At present, more than 9 of the nearly 2000 manufacturers in the country have fully adopted this process. Many front-line brands also use this technology to seize the low end market. But the biggest defect of this surface is the impatience, the surface is easily scratched, and the coating will fall off seriously. So many scale enterprises have gradually replaced this process with other processes.

2. abrasive surface

Also called the pearl sand surface. With the finer particles at the surface of the water tank to make uniform speed, forming a uniform and tiny groove on the surface (human ugly out), and improve the hardness of the surface of the water tank, also increases its resistance to stroke. The principle is equivalent to the shot peening in machining. This kind of treatment generally requires that the wall thickness of the plate can not be too thin, and the generally stretched flume is used in this way more.

3. drawing surface

Also called mercerized surface. It is to use a kind of wire drawing equipment on the surface of the sink repeatedly (equivalent to the grinding machine in mechanical machining).  Make the surface of a fine trace of silk, and the surface and its smooth surface. There is a strong sense of clarity and power in the sense of hand and vision. Because it is wire drawing directly on the surface of the sink, so the requirements for the plate are very high. Domestic sheet wire can sometimes appear on the surface with fine particles and affect the appearance. Therefore, most of the general wire drawing board selected imported plates.

4. stripe surface

It is to emit regular patterns on the surface of the flume or to directly use the embossed sheet to suppress it (equivalent to the pattern steel plate used on the pedestrian overpass on the road), and then use the pearl surface treatment method to finish the surface treatment. Embossing the visual effect is good, but the long-term oil fume in the kitchen will scale in the pattern, it is difficult to clean up.

5. mirror surface

It is repeatedly polished on the surface of the sink to make the surface form a mirror like effect. This treatment is not applicable to the general family. In the use of the process and easy to form scratches.