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Range Hood Did Not Respond To What Is The Problem?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

With the development of the urbanization construction, the wholesale market of the oil fume machine has developed rapidly. In the modern society where the living standard is increasing, the health problem has been paid more and more attention, and the kitchen health has become an important part of the improvement of the family environment. The oil fume machine has solved the harmful effects of cooking oil smoke pollution on the wall, destroying the health of the culinary people and so on. It has been recognized and loved by the consumers. However, because of the bad environment of the use of the oil fume machine, the fault occurred occasionally.

1. troubleshoot power supply problem

Replace the plug to other power supply, such as the use of a mobile plug from the no problem plug at the plug in the power supply to see the cigarette machine does not respond. The original cigarette machine socket electrified other electrical appliances to see if it can work normally.

2. troubleshoot power line problem

The possibility of the power line problem is very low, but it is still a routine test to see if there is any breakage or burning.  After the electrical connection with shidianbi test power line has no voltage.

3. the problem of circuit board.

The power line has no problem and is correct to the circuit board, but the circuit board has no voltage at the end of the electric circuit. Or the bright eye can see that the circuit board has a burning paste and other abnormal phenomena, usually need to replace the circuit board.

Circuit board lampblack machine for a long time at high temperature, high humidity, high pollution in the environment, while the circuit board itself is electronic components, so the circuit board has been damaged lampblack machine with the highest rate of parts, but we encounter the same problem, possible reasons are not the same, so it is best to ease the degree of investigation to do, otherwise you may change the circuit board, found the socket problem it is very embarrassing, wasting a lot of time and manpower, the result is wrong.