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In December 2017, The Price Of Main Industrial Means Of Production In Our Region Fluctuated Slightly
- Jan 25, 2018 -

 2018-01-22 information source: autonomous region development and Reform Commission in December, the price of main industrial means of production in our region showed a small amplitude dynamic potential. Among them, the price of steel has risen slightly, the price of non-ferrous metals is falling, the price of chemical products is rising and falling, and the price of cement and glass is stable. First, the price changes of the main industrial production data in the whole region (1) the price of steel has risen slightly in December, and the price of steel in our district has generally risen slightly. Among them, the overall average price of building steel and ordinary plate is 4139.44 yuan and 4436.77 yuan per ton respectively. Compared with November 2017, the price of building steel and ordinary board rose by 4.35% and 2.01% respectively, compared with December 2016, and the price of building steel and ordinary board rose by 34.49% and 20.65% respectively. Other varieties of steel, round steel (16mm, HPB235), stainless steel (cold 1.2304/2B) this month the average price for 4165.83 yuan per ton, 17022.67 yuan; the chain, round steel, stainless steel plate prices rose 3.16%, up 0.39%; round steel, stainless steel plate, the price rose 31.22%, 11.85%. In 2017 December the price of steel varieties changes monitoring unit: yuan / ton in December 2017 November 2017 from December 2016 rose varieties (+%) up change (+%) the average price of 4139.44 3966.95 3077.92 construction steel 4.35 34.49 of which: Steel (12mm, HRB400) 4163.75 3975 3145.42 4.75 32.38 screw steel (22mm, HRB400) 4100.83 3924.17 3032.50 4.50 wire (35.23 wire 6.5, 4153.75 4001.67 3055.83 3.80 35.93 HPB300) The average price of 4436.77 4349.16 3677.25 ordinary plate 2.01 20.65 of which: hot rolled plates (20, Q235) 4203.33 4102.08 3393.33 2.47 23.87 hot plate in (40, Q235) 4239.58 4127.92 3434.58 2.70 23.44 hot-rolled coil (4, Q235) 4120 4038 3364 2.03 22.47 cold rolled coil (1, SPCC) 4456.67 4414.45 3913.89 0.96 13.87 galvanized plate (0.5,80g) 5164.29 5063.33 4280.47 1.99 20.65 other varieties of steel bar (16mm, HPB235) 4165. 834038.33 3174.79 3.16 31.22 stainless steel plate (1.2304/2B 17022.67 16956 15219.33 0.39 11.85 cold-rolled) (two) of non-ferrous metal prices declined slightly in December, non-ferrous metal prices fell slightly. The copper (1# electrolytic copper cathode copper, aluminum (aluminum) AOO) and lead (lead 1#) the average sales price for 53750 yuan per ton, 15250 yuan, 19666.67 yuan. The price of copper, aluminum and lead decreased by 2.57%, 7.95% and 2.76% respectively. The price of copper, aluminum and lead rose by 16.01%, 5.17% and 2.25%, respectively. Zinc (zinc 0#), tin (tin 1#), nickel (1#) in December the average sales price for 26750 yuan per ton, 146750 yuan, 98833.33 yuan. The price of zinc, tin and nickel decreased by 1.83%, 3.67% and 4.59% respectively. The price of zinc and nickel rose by 19.96% and 4.68% respectively, and the price of tin decreased by 3.08%. (three) chemical products are mixed. In December, the average selling prices of HP (Bo Moji) and polypropylene (drawing) were 11900 yuan and 8322 yuan per ton, respectively. The price of high pressure polyethylene and polypropylene rose by 3.48%, 0.21% respectively. The price of high pressure polyethylene was flat, and the price of polypropylene rose by 2.26%. PVC (calcium carbide production), the average sales price of fuel ethanol in December were 5941.67 yuan per ton, 5975 yuan, from the previous quarter, PVC prices fell 2.19%, fuel ethanol prices edged up 0.28% year-on-year; PVC prices fell 15.12%, fuel ethanol prices rose 2.14%. Sulfuric acid (98% acid), sodium carbonate (industrial alkali content is more than 98.5%) the average sales price this month for 781.67 yuan per ton, 1616.67 yuan, the chain, soda ash prices, prices rose 2.18% year-on-year, sulfuric acid; sulfuric acid, soda ash prices rose 13.29%, prices fell 2.02%. (four) the price of cement and glass is stable. In December, the average sales price of the three Portland cement was 381.96 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the price, and the price rose 3.81% compared to the same period. The average price of 5mm float glass and 5mm tempered glass in December is 26.14 yuan and 44.25 yuan per square meter respectively.