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How To Do Gas Stove Maintenance
- Dec 22, 2017 -

1. Gas cooker can not use the pressure valve

Normal liquefied petroleum gas using the national standard 0.6 pressure relief valve, firepower is able to meet the needs of normal families. Now some unscrupulous traders use inferior liquefied gas and distribute the pressure valve to meet family needs. Therefore, the general use of pressurized air supply valve is also poor. At the same time, excessive pressure led to the failure of gas stove extinguished lines appear to be ignited, easy to turn off and other issues. Excessive pressure led to the flame spray longer, but also lead to the main reason for the cracked tempered glass panels. Therefore, the user must be reminded not to use pressure valve, the pressure cooker for the use of the sale of the issue there is no responsibility.

2. liquefied gas stove toughened glass panels Do not just finished the dish scrub with cold water

Some users have a good cleaning habits, see a little dirty, just finished cooking will have to clean the cooker clean. But just finished cooking rice cooker panel is very hot, then use a lot of water to wash. This is a very bad habit. Although tempered glass panels can withstand temperature changes of 300 degrees, but too high temperature changes over time will result in the collapse of the cooker panel.

3. Tempered glass panel do not put other cooking utensils, tableware.

Same as above, other appliances on the tempered glass panel cause differences in the temperature of the tempered glass panel.

4. Regularly clean the fire cover of the cooker

The fire cover of the cooker is an important part of burning. If the cooking residue when the fire out of holes, will lead to red, stove tempering and so on. The cooktop tempering will cause the flame to burn under the glass panel of the cooktop and locally heat the tempered glass panel, eventually leading to the rupture of the tempered glass panel.

The clean end of the fire back to the reset must be rotated about. Confirm fire arson and furnace head card bit correct. If the fire cover is not returned to the correct position will lead to fire under the fire leak and burn the glass panel. Will also lead to tearing glass panels.

5. Gas stove induction needle and ignition need to use a dry rag.

Induction needle and ignition needle are connected with the circuit. Do not use wet towels to wipe water into the interior of the circuit or cooktop.

6. Regularly check the gas pipeline gas tightness.

The use of gas stoves is safe for the family and their own safety, gas leaks may bring property damage and even personal safety issues. When using the stove when you can smell the smell of gas must be as early as possible to troubleshoot the problem.