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Home Appliances Have Become China Technology Consumer Goods Market Growth Impetus
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Home appliances have become China technology consumer goods market growth impetus

GFK released in February 7, 2018, "the 2017 year China electronic appliance industry report" in the past year, the consumer goods Chinese technology the retail market total sales exceeded 2 trillion yuan for the first time, home appliances and communication products has become an important driving force in the field of growth, including large household appliances and small household appliances retail sales reached 433 billion yuan and 291 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 16% and 14%, communications products for 10268 billion yuan, an increase of 16%. GFK China China believes that the home appliance industry is ushering in two times, one is to upgrade the quality of consumption, the two is the foreign "The Belt and Road" national policy opportunities. If the last 3 years, or the budding and training stages of the consumption upgrade, then the next 3-5 years will be formally entered into the growth and outbreak of consumption upgrades. For China household appliances industry, which contain the limitless potential of consumption. Everyone to "big" beats the market volume and price is not difficult to find, in the sale of the empty ice wash black as the representative of the people towards the "big" power forward, large size TV and curved TV selling drum washing machine 10kg; large capacity popular; the cross on the door as the representative of the products into the refrigerator industry growth; household central air conditioning popular, individual brand launched 5 horse household cabinet. The 2017 year "mentioned China electronic appliance industry report", with curved TV as an example, in 2017 the growth in the retail market, the online market, Tmall platform retail sales rate is respectively 24%, 102% and 106%; 60 inch color TV in the above three areas increase was 48%, 120% and 123%; more than 450 liters of large capacity refrigerator overall market growth of 72%, a staggering 458% increase in Tmall. (source: GFK Chinese) not only in size and capacity is bigger, the price of domestic appliance also changes with the product structure and improve the China, GFK data, 2017 air conditioning line pick-up unit price increased from 2788 yuan in 2016 to 2945 yuan; washing machine (line) price from 1273 yuan up to 1418 yuan; the refrigerator price (online) rose from 1782 yuan to 1980 yuan. These changes are obviously related to the users' pursuit of quality life, the increase in per capita disposable income, the increase in the number of large families, and the improvement of the living area. Indeed, the product strategy of each brand is mainly driven by the help of intelligent, high-end, personalized and so on. GFK China predicts that in 2018, the retail sales volume of China's technology consumer goods retail market is expected to exceed 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan, and the retail sales of domestic electricity is 450 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 4 percentage points compared with the same period last year, and 320 billion 400 million yuan for small household appliances, an increase of 10 percentage points. Health related household appliances are the constant pursuit of users. After 90, they enter the middle age. They worry about hair removal, and the cup with wolfberry is the trend. Nearly three thousand yuan of Dyson hair drier has a favorable rate of 99%. These seemingly irrelevant phenomena imply a common fact: today, with the rapid development of science and technology, users are still pursuing healthy household electrical appliances, rather than simply designing fashion or series products. Ion blower in 2017 so not to hurt the hair; keep breaking food machine nutrition; skin care cosmetic instrument; oral health electric toothbrush, health pot; the washing machine washing washing, high-temperature sterilization partition; with defogging haze, air purification, air conditioning dehumidification moisture; water purifier, air system, air purifiers and other products. Online and offline dazzling performance. GFK Chinese data, 2017 water purifier online retail sales growth rate increased from 11% to 37.5% a year ago; electric toothbrush retail sales rose 92%, while the online retail market growth rate of 103%; air purifiers online retail sales year-on-year growth rate increased from 17.3% to 30.2% in 2017. (source: GFK China) user health conscious consumer willingness to push up, in the new technology and diversified sales channels to boost, strengthen user awareness of the product, in the pursuit of quality of life of the environment, the user attention to health to hitherto unknown height, has also become an important indicator of the health of users to buy home appliances considerations. In 2018, from the demand side, the main consumer buying habits, population structure, change, make domestic consumer appliances diversified, mainly to enjoy the pursuit of personalized, single sense high-tech products, such as air conditioning, TV cabinet, mural mural washing machine; large capacity, multi family population health products are favored, such as large refrigerator, washing machine and other classification; the elderly for the product demand, focus on the simple and convenient, easy to operate, such as dishwashers, voice broadcast products etc.. From the point of view of technology, the development of AI creates opportunities for traditional vendors, Internet vendors, online platforms, and content providers. Artificial intelligence has become a new highlight of black power in 2017, and intelligent voice technology is rapidly penetrating into household appliances. Intelligent audio as the entrance of smart home will detonate the market in 2018. At present, China is the largest single market in the world of smart people, not including North America.