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Gas Stove Pulse Function And Principle
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Now embedded gas stoves are used in electronic ignition type, the important part is the gas stove pulse. Gas stove full name high-voltage pulse high-frequency generator, also known as electronic firearms. Gas stove is the core of high-voltage spark discharge, but also in the ion quench stove, the pulse is the total control center stove.

The difference between a pulse extinguished by ion and a pulse extinguished by thermocouple.

Functional differences: thermocouple quenching using thermocouple induction needle and valve body composed of independent solenoid valve closed circuit. Therefore, the pulse of thermocouple quenching is just the role of spark. Therefore, the pulse of thermocouple is the same as that of the pulse without quench, but at the interface, the big terminal and large blade are usually used for thermocouple. Without the use of the general end of the small terminal, corresponding to the small pieces of the valve body.

Ionic pulse protection pulse, not only igniter, or extinguished protection control center. The signal returned by the induction needle of the cooker is fed to the pulse, and if the cooker is in the combustion state, the pulse is maintained to supply the electromagnetic valve. If the cooktop stalls, the pulse-cut solenoid valve powers off and closes the cooker intake channel

The difference between appearance:

1. Thermocouple extinguished stove pulse than the ion quench stove pulse.

2. Ion-immune cooker connected to the cooker valve port is a three-pin socket, and the thermocouple quench stove with plug-in interface

After boosting, the pulse can deliver high voltage current of 900-1200V, using the voltage difference between the metal discharge spark.

Pulse gas stove is an important part of the discharge, if this part of the problem, the general stove are the same on both sides do not discharge, there is no spark and no pop noise. If it is some phenomenon stove, according to the following steps to rule out whether the pulse problem.

1. Cooker battery is good, and the direction is right, the positive film tear off.

2. Check the circuit inside the cooker is snapped off by the mouse, the interface loose and so on.

3. Pulse zero line can change position to see if the pulse zero line contact is not good lead to the formation of the loop.

If you confirm that none of the above three problems, it is a pulse problem. The quality of the pulse of Air Pacific kitchen appliances is very stable. Few customers need to change the pulse during the service life of the cooker. Existing customers have found the pulse of the stove will be stored in the basement humid environment after six months there is no fire situation. This is the pulse of damp sake, with a hair dryer to dry the internal moisture can work properly.

Gas stove wholesalers choose stove, not only depends on the outside can see the parts, but also depends on the internal parts. Gas stove pulse ignition as an important device, is also the focus of investigation. Thermocouple extinguished stove in the gas stove can not be electronic ignition, you can also use the lighter hit, and ion quenching stove in the pulse after the problem is completely unusable.