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Gas Stove Fire Cover Leakage Fire What Is The Reason?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Recently found a user because the stove fire cover the place is not good due to the explosion of glass, burned out pulse electronic ignition, combustion is not normal and so on, gas stoves wholesale agents at the time of sale if the user is installed, must inform how to install the gas stove fire cover.

The fire of the gas stove must cover rotating around a fire cover to ensure smooth rotation is installed correctly. If the user is incorrectly placed after a fire cover of a clean gas stove, it will cause a lot of problems. For example, the fire cover is leaking around the lid, the toughened glass panel is broken and the internal circuit elements burn out.

The wholesale agent of gas stove can see that the rupture characteristics of tempered glass panel caused by fire cover and fire leakage are also very obvious. The explosion-proof cloth around the water tray shows fire marks. This part is not fire at all. It can only be burned directly under the fire cover. If the wholesale agent of gas stove meets such a sale, it can be charged to replace the panel.