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The reason and solution of abnormal sound of range hood
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Hood abnormal sound, that smoke machine is not running smoothly. Kitchen appliances agents can find solutions for several reasons:

1. Check valve can not be opened to prevent the wind caused the motor overload.

2. Smoke machine flue blockage caused by poor ventilation motor overload

3. Wind wheel problems, such as foreign matter into the wind wheel Department, wind wheel deformation, or wind wheel fastening nut loose.

4. After cleaning the wind wheel and then reinstall the wind wheel is not fully engaged in the motor bearing above

5. The motor is not fixed, or the motor bearing wear and tear.

According to the above reasons, kitchen appliances can follow the steps to troubleshooting to solve the problem of abnormal sound hood:

1. Open the hood and turn off the smoke machine, see if you can hear the sound of the check valve down, you can check the above reasons 

If not, for example, the check valve can not be opened and the smoke pipe can be disassembled and the outlet of the air outlet can be inspected. Sometimes because of too much oil, hood long put it will not stick together and can not open. Aerospace automatic booster hood there is no such problem, can automatically increase the tuyere pressure blown check valve.

2. Confirm non-return valve check open no problem, you can check whether the tobacco pipe is too long, excessive bending, internal or external blockage and other conditions. After removing the smoke pipe machine to see if there are any abnormalities. If there is no abnormality after removing the tobacco pipe, it will explain the tobacco pipe problem.

3. Remove the smoke pipe machine is still running abnormal, ruled out the pipe and check valve, that is, smoke machine wind wheel or motor problems. Then you need to open the hood to check the rotor and motor. If it is not automatically open and close, manually open the glass is very simple to remove the oil filter removed after the wind wheel and the motor.