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Teach you to clean a variety of materials sink
- Dec 22, 2017 -

One, stainless steel sink

Stainless steel flume is easier to clean and maintain. However, in order to prevent scraping, depression and aging, regular maintenance is also needed. A clean stainless steel sink can be used as a dishwashing agent or soda water. Rinse thoroughly and polish the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not use scrubbing powder or wire used in the brush pot. They will scratch the sink. Use rubber or plastic pads to prevent the cutlery from scratching the surface or leaving a trace. You can also add a small amount of vinegar or ammonia to make the surface brighter.

Two, enamel tank

Don't let acid stains or food stay on the surface for a long time. Most of the enamel flume is not acid resistant, and long exposure to irritant substances, such as acid, can change color and even be corroded. The use of plastic or perforated pads may be the best way to protect the porcelain flume away from damage.

Three, a stone sink

Natural stones are porous, so some material will enter the stone trough through the pores. If it is not properly protected, the sink also absorbs water. Because of this, it is the best way to remove stains immediately and avoid the accumulation of salt, lime, calcium, detergent and other stains. The slots must be cleaned regularly to prepare sponges or soft cloth, and the cleaners can be rinsed with warm water with non abrasive neutral cleaners.

Four, copper sink

Copper sink is unique, because copper reacts with nature, so the copper sink is the only one that can produce copper green. And the copper green of each copper sink is unique: they are not replicable, and they are not overnight. There are two basic types of copper sink: natural brown surface and high glossy surface.

Do not use hard water or acid cleaning agent to clean the copper tank, which can cause spots. If the place you live in is hard, dry with a soft cloth after each use, so you can avoid spots. If the water tank contacts with chemicals or acid residues, it may cause a bright spot, which can be washed with soap, but it can only be removed when the sink is completely covered with copper.

Five. A wooden sink

The wooden sink is usually painted with natural varnish, separating the wood from the water. In the cleaning of a wooden sink, a mild antiseptic soap liquid and a sponge are usually used. It is necessary to use irritation chemicals, abrasives, scrubbing or bleaching water to scrub the surface of the sink. It is best to avoid the high temperature liquid entering the surface of the wood sink.