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Please do not use a gas stoves for a long time in a wet environment
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Do not keep the gas cooker or other electronic products in the humid environment for a long time. After damp electronic components will have a significant impact on product features. One of the most influential is the ion quenching stove, ion extinguisher stove also suggested that the aerospace agent as little as possible, turn to do the thermocouple extinguished stove.

Inextinguished ion stove, pulse damp not only can not point the fire, also can not open the gas circuit. Caused the complete paralysis of the stove. If the thermocouple extinguished the stove, even if there is a pulse problem, gas stove can still be opened normally, with a lighter ignition can be used.

Pulse damp how to solve it?

1. Use hair dryer hot air heating pulse, dry wind Department of moisture. About half an hour can be used normally.

2. Open the cooker panel in the sun exposure, the general one or two days can be restored to normal.

If it is not ion-extinguishing cooker is relatively simple, as long as the name of the lighter after making one or two meals can solve the pulse damp problem.

Air kitchen and kitchen many times compared with the ion discharge and thermocouple quench the advantages and disadvantages. Although the response time of the thermocouple quench than the ion quenching slow, open the expiratory time to take a long time. However, there is a huge difference between stable function, use of the cooker, after-sale and ion quenching. Air kitchen and toilet recommendations kitchen and toilet electrical appliances as far as possible to do the thermocouple extinguished stove, cook ion ion stove.