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Oven features and safety precautions
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The oven is a kind of sealed device for baking food. In the early days of the west, the oven was usually used for fire. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the electric oven appeared. The electric oven used the electric oven to achieve the function of baking food. What is the characteristic of the electric oven? What should you pay attention to when you use it?

Add a few points:

1, the oven must be placed in the ventilated place, do not rely too much on the wall, easy to heat.

2, the best place in the oven is not to be placed near the water source, because the overall temperature of the oven is very high when it works, and it will cause a temperature difference if the water is encountered.

3. Do not stay in front of the oven for a long time when the oven is working for a long time.

4. If there is a crack in the glass door of the oven, stop using it immediately.

The characteristics of the electric oven:

1, most of the hot air circulation in the box, high thermal efficiency, saving energy.

2. With the effect of forced ventilation, there are adjustable air splitting plates in the box, and the material is dry and uniform.  Heat source can adopt steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, and choose widely.

3. The noise of the whole machine is small and the operation is smooth. Temperature self-control, easy to install and repair.

4. It has a wide range of application and can dry all kinds of materials. It is a general drying equipment.

Cautions for the use of electric oven:

(1) the operation is required in accordance with the requirements of the instructions.

(2) the electric oven should be placed in a smooth and stable place, and ensure the reliable contact of the ground bolts. The 250V and 10A single-phase three socket sockets should be used to match the power supply plugs with self power. During the operation, the windows and sockets should be kept clean.

(3) different types of food, the absorption of heat and heating speed is different, it is the most important to master the temperature and time of the baked food. Close to the furnace door has heat dissipation, baking food to turn the surface, so that the heat is even.

(4) the use of food for power cut operation, with the handle fork card good baking tray, to prevent touch heat element scald the finger.

(5) to keep the inner wall clean, baking food is completed, if the cavity with seasoning and oil, with a towel, soap and water wetting wall of the oven cavity to wipe clean so far, and discharging the moisture from the oven door, the surface with a soft cloth to clean, not washing cavity with water, to prevent damp electrical components.

(6) the power, temperature control and timing three switch switches are transferred to the shutdown position when they are not used, and are placed in the dry, ventilated and clean places.