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How to choose the water heater in the winter?
- Feb 25, 2018 -

How is the winter water heater selected? Safety protection first! Small WeChat scan two-dimensional code sharing to friends and friends of 2018-02-11 10:08:41 source: Chinese network recently snow swept the country, temperatures in many areas. In the winter, wash a comfortable hot bath is a great enjoyment, home use frequency of water heater also soared. Indeed, in the cold wind outside the troubled home a hot bath, both healthy and comfortable. But at the same time, cold winter is also a period of high incidence of water heater accidents. In recent years, frequent hot water heaters and leakage accidents seem to remind people that water heaters may become a potential safety hazard. According to incomplete statistics, thousands of water heater accidents occur in the whole country every winter. Among them, exhaust emissions, scald, leakage and so on are the main causes of the accident, causing injury and loss to the injured. Of course, there are also reasons for improper operation, but the most fundamental is the "vacancy" of the safety performance of the water heater. Therefore, it is urgent to buy a safe water heater in winter. The new gas water heater Deyi electric appliance launched in 2017, it was born for safety shower! A support system, oxygen, high combustion exhaust gas water heater out in winter, not only bathing time long, and water consumption increases, will produce a large number of combustion exhaust carbon monoxide, as can not be discharged in time will cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious threat to the safety of life. Italy gas water heater has a smart oxygen care system, automatic diagnosis and monitoring of flue blockage under combustion condition, drum fan frequency conversion intelligent reinforcement volume, high combustion exhaust gas discharge, intelligent and safe, allowing users to bathe at ease! Two, constant temperature bath burns away from the danger of scald caused to solve water heater, gas water heater and launched the "innovative ideas thermostatic bath". Italy gas water heater configuration "48 DEG safety lock". The user set the temperature at any time when the water is applied at any time, which is regulated at any temperature between 35 -48 and C, and when the water is above 48 C, the water valve must be closed before it can be adjusted to effectively protect consumers and prevent accidental scalding. Three, leakage protection, timely blackout prevention three leakage protection plug, is Italian for consumers and bring another door. In the existing market, the gas water heater can basically achieve leakage protection, but there is still no effective warning function of the earth's unreliable grounding. It has buried a hidden danger for the users. The German gas water heater adopting a tripolar leakage protection plug connection, in 0.01 seconds automatically disconnect the zero line and FireWire, ground wire and fixed wiring. In order to provide a safe environment for bathing, the leakage accidents can be eliminated fundamentally. In addition to the effective protection for the above emission, high temperature scald, leakage three big market pain points made by the German gas water heater in order to make the user more comfortable to use, to form a strong and effective guard -- the original "bath shower in the" security system, including ignition failure protection, accident flameout protection, pseudo fire fault protection, overheat / dry protection, over temperature protection, combustion chamber damage protection, air pressure protection, flue blockage protection, antifreezing relief protection, frost protection, electric heating water pressure protection, anti leakage protection, automatic fault diagnosis function of 13 layers of protection system, with "anti dry, prevent four kinds of protective anti pressure, temperature and anti low temperature", all-round protection of user safety shower! In particular, the independent antifreeze device, when the temperature of the water heater is below 5 degrees, will automatically start the heating pipe and increase the temperature to 10 degrees. Even tens of degrees below zero in the north, this function is smooth with no resistance, users no longer need to winter, no hot water pipe cracking problem concerns, just enjoy the comfortable hot water. This winter, and the gas water heater, for you to achieve safety shower!