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How do you stay away from the deadly gas stove?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Keep away from the "deadly" gas stove and learn how to select gas cookers. When consumers are buying and buying, first of all, we should try to buy products with good brand, excellent quality and good reputation, and the kitchen appliances must meet the relevant national standards.

Secondly, it is necessary to see clearly whether there is induction probe on the stove when buying. Under the induction probe, there should be a flameout protection device. If the fire is extinguished, if the gas stove can automatically cut off the gas within 5 seconds, it will be a qualified product. If the store does not provide ignition, after buying home, it is best to identify it by itself. First, the gas stove is lit, then the fire is extinguished. If you can hear "bang", it means automatic flameout protection device starts, and the valve is closed.

Finally, when purchasing, we should pay attention to whether there is a production license number on the product packaging box, and identify the types of gas, the rated gas pressure, the name of the factory and the date of production. In addition, the purchase must request an invoice, so that the day after evidence-based activist.