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Gas stove on the two needles have any effect
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The difference and function of the ignition needle and the induction needle

The function of ignition for gas cooker is that the high voltage current generated by pulse of gas cooker is transmitted to the top metal of the ignition pin through the line, and there is an electric spark on the center of the gas cooker at the nearest place, which has 1200V voltage difference. The electric spark ignites the gas from the gas hole and ignites the stove.

Gas stove ignition needle appearance: columnar white ceramic, at the top is about 2 millimeter metal cylindrical shape.

Now the industry is divided into line with acupuncture point needle with ignition needle line. With the line connecting line and pointing needle needle shaft connected. Without wire, the needle and wire can be separated, and the black hot-melt line is generally used as the connection line with the pulse.

The effect of the induction needle of the gas stove: the function of the extinguishing protection is used to induce the working state of the stove. In the normal combustion of the induction cooker, the extinguishing function can be used to cut off the gas supply of the stove and ensure the safety of the stove.

Now, the function of the extinguishing is divided into two kinds, the thermocouple's extinguishing and the ion extinguishing. The function and function are different because of the different mechanism.

Paul: ion quenching induction needle shaft for white ceramic top metal cone. The action is the ion in the induction flame, and the signal is transmitted to the pulse.

Thermocouple should be needle shape: for Brass threaded shaft, the top is cone shape.

Thermocouple should be needle function: using two different thermal metal composition, difference between the current to maintain the solenoid valve is opened by voltage. The temperature of the induction needle is less than 150 degrees and the power supply is stopped and the solenoid valve falls down and closes the air source channel.

Two needles at the top of the gas cooker, one for the ignition and one for the induction needle. According to the color of the two needles, it can also be used to judge the different ways of the extinguishing: the thermocouple extinguishing or the ion extinguishing. According to the function of the two needles, it can be roughly judged that the symptoms of the gas stove will be related to the two needles.

The ignition needle is an important part of the discharge of the stove. If the ignition needle of the gas stove is broken or the connection line falls off, the electric spark produced by the pulse of the gas cooker will be discharged inside the stove and can not be ignited. The stove is audible and can't see the electric spark.

The bad performance of the induction needle:

Gas stove flame extinguishing the ion to burn on the induction needle, but 6 seconds after the ignition gas stoves and gas alarm.

The flame of the gas stove with the thermocouple extinguished can burn the induction needle, but the kitchen stove is extinguished by the pine hand. (the loosening of the screw valve at the rotating twist of the gas stove can also cause the same problem)