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Do you have a ''fatal'' gas stove in your family?
- Dec 22, 2017 -

According to the survey of 1 million 39 thousand gas users in Qingdao, 15% of the user gas hoses have aging problems, 30% of users will forget to turn off the valves after the gas meters, and 27% of the users do not use gas safety protection devices. This group of data is not only a representative of Qingdao, it can also reflect the country's boss's name on the safety of gas stove has a big hidden danger.

Rubber tube should be replaced in two years

According to the latest survey results, about 15% of the users' homes have a problem of rubber hose aging. The aging and falling off of gas hose are often the main causes of gas accidents. Users should regularly replace gas hoses when using gas. Under normal circumstances, the hose can not be used for more than two years, and the gas hose can not exceed two meters. In particular, the use of gas in the wet and dark kitchen is more often to check whether the hose is aging and cracking.

30% users do not turn the "double valve"

According to the introduction, a lot of people use gas after each time, only the gas appliances valve closed, but not close the gas valve connecting the hose. Once the hose falls off, it will easily lead to gas leakage, and the consequences will be unimaginable. In the course of the inspection, the staff found that about 30% of the users did not close all the "double valves".

The national standard of domestic gas cookers in China clearly stipulates that since 2009, the kitchen appliances without fire extinguishing equipment are not allowed to be sold on the market. "However, this provision does not require not allowed," insiders said, some users in the home appliances have been used for ten years, as long as no bad does not change, the promotion process, especially some old people feel to pay back the money, they do not want to change, at present there are about 27% users are still in use no stove flameout protection device. In order to ensure safety, the public also try to install gas leakage alarm, which can be added another guarantee.

Gas leakage, do not call on the spot

If it is suspected that there is a leak in the house, it can be inspected with soap and water on the pipeline. If bubbles are found, it is the leak point here. It is strictly forbidden to use naked fire to check the leakage.

If there is a gas leak or a heavier smell of gas in the room, it is necessary to open doors and windows ventilation immediately, do not turn on or off electrical appliances, do not make calls indoors, please dial "96556" hotline service phone to repair.

Gas stoves are necessities for daily life. All kinds of delicious food are indispensable, but their lethality is also very powerful, such as gas leakage, poisoning, gas explosion, hurting people and so on. How much do you know about the flameout protection device? Recently, media reports said that 80% of the gas cooker on the market had no such device, which is called a "fatal gas stove". Is the device so important?

How much do you know about the safety of gas cooker?

The extinguishing device, as its name implies, can automatically cut off the gas in 5 seconds when the gas stove is accidentally extinguished to prevent accidents. Without this device, when you boil water or soup, if you accidentally spill out, and when left unattended, dangerous as can be imagined.

How important is the extinguishing device?

It is understood that the day before the accident occurred because the gas stove every year, so the lives of many, most of them are caused by the leakage of gas, I also learned from experts in the mouth, if the gas stove explosion, these products are either no flameout protection device, either by range ignitor.

The general requirements of continuous ignition point 10 times at least 8 times a point in the test, but the ignition by the poor quality of enterprises, continuous 10 times may only five or six, or even less, if so, because the fire did not point up, gas will leak, leakage more, when another point occurs to deflagration, hurt people.

There is no extinguishing protection device. Once a gas leak occurs, if no one finds out, if the gas is full of the whole room, and if there is a slight fire, the whole building will be blown away. Therefore, the extinguishing device is quite important. It is understood that at present, there are three kinds of extinguishing methods commonly used in the market: thermosensitive, thermoelectric and photoelectric.

Alarm device and automatic flameout device

Automatic flameout device said so much, I believe that consumers have a certain understanding, however, some sales stores also tend to confuse the public, deceive consumers. If the promoters know that consumers are buying the automatic flameout, sometimes the gas cookers equipped with alarm devices are recommended.

In fact, the two kinds of alarm device and automatic extinguishing device are not the same thing, the main difference between the two is whether it can automatically cut off the gas. The main function of the alarm device is to test the leakage of the gas, and the automatic extinguishing device is to cut off the gas immediately after the gas leakage is found. Therefore, the simple alarm device, and can not effectively eliminate the security risks, only play a warning role.

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